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Who We Are

At Flourish Financial Partners, our mission is simple: help our clients thrive in both their personal and financial lives. We do this by aligning our clients’ assets and investment strategies with their values. We make sure our clients stay focused on what matters most to them, rather than the things that are out of their control. By doing this, we help relieve some of the stress they have regarding their finances.

We are an independent financial planning firm, meaning that the client’s needs are always at the forefront of what we do. We don’t have any quotas or proprietary products that we are required to sell. Therefore our recommendations are always consistent with the goals and values that our clients are trying to achieve.

Whether we’re working with individuals, families, or business owners, our goal is to provide objective guidance and serve as a resource for their investment and financial needs. We work as a team and, with a comprehensive background in the financial services industry, we can assist clients with a number of different concerns or questions in accordance with their financial finish line.